Delete car history from

Service vin cleaner is an opportunity to increase the value of cars bought at auctions Copart, IAAI, when reselling them on the secondary market.
What information does the vin cleaner service delete?
The following information about clean vin:
delete car history of your vehicles sales;
delete vin photos of your vehicle; - delete technical data and state of your vehicle;
delete technical data and condition of the car.

Algorithm of cooperation with service vin cleaner:
Online application with obligatory indication of VIN number;
Assessment of the project and agreeing the cost with the client;
Implementation of the order, including removal of references to the vin number in Google;
Full and detailed report.
It takes from 1 to 8 working days to remove car history of an American vehicle purchased at IAAI and Copart auctions. After the vin cleaner, all photos, links and text material containing vin number of your car will be removed from the internet forever.
Removal cost
1 - 3

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