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Has your car been purchased in the USA at a Copart or IAAI? In that case history and photo of your car from auction are present in public internet resources. Published data about your car can include:
sales history;
photos (not always representing the car in the best possible light);
mileage and other technical characteristics.

We offer to take advantage of vin cleaner service and remove car history of your vehicle from all Internet resources.
Our specialists, after reviewing the amount of work on vin cleaner will provide a complete list of sites that mention your car.
Before you sell your car it is worth to check the data on these sites and decide if you are satisfied with these characteristics of the vehicle. Won't they harm the sale of the car at an adequate price?
And if you don't like the findings, we are ready to clean the VIN number, quickly and efficiently.

The vin cleaner service includes:
delete car history from thematic resources on the Internet;
remove car photos from Google pictures search and all the links, which lead to the information about your car when you search by car data.
After the vin cleaner, the client is given the report of the order realization.

The vin cleaner service takes from 1 to 8 working days - and the outdated information about your car disappears from the Internet forever.
Removal cost
2 - 3

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