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For car owners who invest in a good condition car, reselling an American car is a real problem. Copart and IAAI auctions contain the kind of car data that can knock a car's price down. You can get this information by punching in the vin number. And if you want to sell a car in its real technical condition, use a vin cleaner service.

Why is it important to remove car history?
No matter how good the condition of the car is, a buyer can knock down the price with this kind of data about the car:
information about the number of resales;
any history of accidents;
photos that may show the car in a bad light;
technical specifications (especially if there are differences from the current one).
Nobody will ask how much money was invested in the car, in what services it was repaired - a buyer wants to pay less and get a good car.

The vin cleaner service allows:
remove car history and photos of your car from the auction sites;
clean links in the Google search engine;
guarantee that all data has been permanently deleted.
Term of work is from 2 to 7 working days. You will be provided with a detailed report.

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Removal cost
2 - 3

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