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Service specialists vin cleaner guarantee complete remove car history of the vehicle from all resources on the Internet.
In the sphere of our attention will be not only the resources of car sites, but also any other sites that display images or publish data about the car by vin number. Full cleanup includes removing links from the Google system.

Why do I need to clean vin number?
A vin cleaner service is performed before selling a car and a delete car history will positively affect the price of the car. A buyer will not be able to use this data to lower the price of the car, so the main criterion for pricing will be the technical condition of the car.
The advantages of cooperation with our company:
a reasonable amount for the payment of services;
Promptness - clean vin number in 2-8 working days;
The information will be permanently deleted.

You can get more detailed information about the service of delete car history of your vehicle by filling out an application online.
Removal cost
3 - 4

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