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The vin cleaner service is a popular service that allows car owners to delete car history. To start the procedure, it is enough to leave an application online at our online resource.

Who needs the vin cleaner service?
Owners of cars, who bought vehicles on the Copart, IAAI for use on domestic roads, have to delete car history as a rule, before selling the car.
The advantages of a car after cleaning the vin number:
Not all of the information provided at auction when describing a lot is attractive to a buyer. So that the buyer has less of a reason to knock down the price of a car because of its past, and to evaluate the technical condition of the car himself or with the help of experts, it is worth removing such information with the help of vin cleaner procedure:
technical specifications describing the auto at different stages of its existence;
photos to the lots;
information about the number of previous owners.
We guarantee the delete car history and photo data from Google search engine and all Internet resources forever.
Vin cleaner service takes 2-7 days (depending on the amount of work).

A preliminary calculation of the vin cleaner service cost is free. Please fill out an order on our site and our manager will contact you.
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