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The Internet stores data on millions of cars. If you bought a car on the Copart and IAAI auction sites, then having a vin number allows you to check the history of an American car since its production.
U.S. auction sites keep data on all resale histories and technical information that doesn't always show the car in a favorable light. And even if the data is outdated or irrelevant (for example, mileage on smooth American highways does not affect the wear and tear of a car like driving on dirt roads), a buyer can appeal to this information to knock down the price.
The vin cleaner service is an opportunity to clean vin number from all auction resources in the public domain such data:
remove car history and number of resales;
remove car photo from Copart;
remove outdated technical specifications.

And after remove car history from Google search engine it is not possible to find any data on forums and various specialized sites.
The whole procedure takes from 1-8 days, vin data is permanently deleted. You will get a detailed report on the work done.

Interested in the offer? Fill out the request form on the website and the manager will contact you to tell you about the peculiarities of the vin cleaner service.
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