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A car is the owner's private space. Public resources that publish information about the car, which can be found by vin number, post private information - vin cleaner service will help to preserve this right.
Why should you delete car history?
The American auctions Copart, IAAI publish the full information that allows you to knock down the price of a car.
Service vin cleaner will help to remove car history, which is not necessary for the car owner on the Internet. After the order is left on the website, we will make a preliminary calculation of the services and the manager will tell you about the method of service vin cleaner. If the customer is satisfied with the price, our managers will delete car history of vin cleaner in 1-8 working days.
Delete car history of the vin;
delete car resale history;
remove car photos from the copart;
Delete the technical characteristics of the car in different years, which became known at the auctions.

We delete car history not only on websites, but also in Google search engine. Quality assurance of our work is your opportunity to sell your car profitably!
Removal cost
12 - 14

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