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The data bound to the VIN number can both help to sell the car - if the car was bought practically new - and harm the deal. That is why many automobile owners are forced to use vin cleaner service, if the car was bought on American automobile auctions Copart, IAAI.
The cost of a car at an American auction and on the secondary market is incomparable, and the technical condition can differ considerably. People, who want to sell a car for the price that corresponds to its technical condition, leave an appeal on our website, stating the VIN number. In response to the request, our manager will estimate the amount of work and make a preliminary calculation of the cost of partial and full delete car history of the vin number.
What is the difference between full and partial Clean vin?
The partial data remove car history of the vin number and photos at the thematic sites.
Complete will remove all the links, which have information about vin number from Google.
Service vin cleaner:
delete car history will be done in 1-8 business days;
vin cleaner is permanent and can't be restored;
remove American car photos from Copart;
Report on the completed work.

Leave a request, and a consultant will tell you about vin cleaner service.
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